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higz vehicle. >> officers began shouting commands at me and several officers were shouting commands he said he had no .ommands he said he had no woe learn that his wife filed a domestic violence complaint in their bitterly contested divorce. the gas station video shows him getting out of the car. >> they told me to raise my hands. which i d then, they asked me to get on my knees.. >> this video shows him get being on his knees.. >> my hands were up. i turned to the left to tell him my hands are up. but before i can complete the sentence, i felt the jolt of electricity. >> gillson falls out of sight of the video. officers gather around him, including the one that shot him with a taser. >> this was the most painful experience of my life he was booked on a charge of resisting arest. his attorney says police used excessive force. >> i assumed they saw the video of this incident.
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and they refused to file it. they said no.ziñ gillson posted this video on you tube about three weeks ago. says it's received about half a million hits. police chief declined to talk to us on camera but in a phone conversation says it video doesn't speak for itself. the post posted was edited. internal affairs determined the officer acted within policy. >> i think a picture says a thousand words. >> we showed this individual yes to don cam ran, teaching classes on the use of force. he says gillson was not resisting or trying to escape. but says domestic violence is a serious crime and had not been frisked yet for a weapon. this is what caught his eye. gillson looking over his left shoulder, lowering his arms. a possible reason for firing a taser. >> officers see someone that
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traces them, and next thing hands start to move. that is a pors site. red frag for officers. >> and cameron tells us in this case, he doesn't think that it's a cheer cut, clear case of excessive force that, it's a judgment call on the part of that officer. the martinez police department gave us a longer version of that video but we looked at it, it didn't show anything new. gillson charged in august with counts of domestic violence and stalking and other counts targeting his wife. vic lee, abc 7 news. >> thank you. another arrest has been made for arson and vandalism of a muni bus. police are asking for help tracking down more suspects and we'll show you pictures. a 19-year-old from daily city booked into jail today. he is one of two men now facing charges after a mob celebrating giants world series victory smashed out windows of a bus and set it on
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fire. one man is seen using his skateboard on the bus's windows on the left. the suspect in this jacket is accused of striking a windshield with a barricade. >> mees arrested an accused burglar today for a pair of break ins this week for the wine country home of nancy pelosi. the house ransacked yesterday and someone entered again, yesterday. investigators say this man confessed to breaking into six dx pelosi'sr5:iw and they say he had one of the watches. >> striking workers at railly's supermarkets rallying behind one of their own tonight arrested in connection with an ongoing labor dispute there. the chainñm==t says he assaulten employee, and workers walked off the job sunday in a dispute.
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in a statement saying the union is attempting to force the company out of business. >> now, on to yesterday's big election in san francisco, a contested race for supervisor is too close to call tonight. returns updated today show former city commissioner with a lead of 331 votes over norman yee in district 7. in district five, however, ultras are clear. the supervisor is likely out after less than 10 months in office, possibly because of the vote supporting reinstated sheriff ross mirkarimi. she got a lot of heat about that vote. we're live with more on the story. uz counting continus at city hall. i talked to the elections director. he tells me did he not believe those ballots are going to change the outcome in district five, where it appears incumbent has been unseated. closed today. and she did not return phone
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calls. but her apparent political demise is the talk around city hall. she was appointed to the seat in january to replace ross mirkarimi. when the mayor attempted to toss mirkarimi from the position, after a domestic violence incident with his wife, she was one of four supervisors voted to give him his job back. >> i believe that consequences of the decision affected that race. there was a lot of discussion about the rightness of it. >> the mayor endorsed alahi. but antidomestic violence advocates were outraged, and unleashed a withering attack including a last minute ad featuring the neighbor, who had videotaped his wife's bruise and contacted police. voters need to know what they
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did. >> lesson learned is that reintating the sheriff is not consistent with the values and with the will of the people in district 5. >> the sheriff has a job back, but a major supporter has likely lost hers. >> i think we should reject politics of retribution. anything based on vengeance, or spending lots of nonget even because someone didn't vote our way. >> she benefited from the rank choice voting system capturing many voters first, second, and third choices. a native san franciscoin she says she stayed out of the controversy and now, hopes more district can heal. >> our supervisor i want to make sure we're working together and that people know,
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regardless of where people feel in the campaign trail is the past. and it's really time for us to come together. >> the elections department has until december 4th toj certify results. live in san francisco city hall, abc 7 news. >> thank you so much. election night is huge for california schools and for state democrats as well. voter as proved the school plan, prop 30 providing school funding through a small increase increase for richest californians. the governor said it's passing was key to the health of the state. >> we joined together as californians first in a resounding victory for education and fiscal integrity. >> california voters elected enough democrats that the party now has a super majority. that means democrats have the two-thirds vote necessary to raise taxes if they want to. but our political analyst tells us that is still
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unlikely that some testimonies will be likely to vote for higher taxs.. >> if they want to let the voters decide on taxing measures or spending measure that's probably the way they're going to go. i doubt whether they votes to pass taxes within their own ranks. >> the governor said he'll help make sure legislature does not overindulge. >> within hours of prop 30 passing the california state university system made a major announcement giving stud yengts something they were not expecting. abc 7 news education reporter joins us live now from san francisco state with that story. leanne. california state university campuses will receive money by the end of the month. at the end of the month, many san francisco state university students will seekieñ exatra moy in their bank accounts. $249 in the form of a direct deposit.nrem
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this money was paid earlier in the year. >> we'll be doing it with going straight back to their bank account opposed to carrying it over. >> other campuses are opting instead to credit students next semester. this is possible because once prop 30 passed the csu system able to roll back this year's income creases. the tuition8úñ will reverses bak to last year's amount. >> it's something and a start. i would appreciate something more. we need more for people. >> i'm optimistic, hopefully we won't have so many classes cut next semester. >> with the money from prop 30, state universities will not be forced to reduceçvsz the number ever students expected to enroll. >> the message is yes, please do apply. we're accepting applications throughout the end of the
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month. >> for uc system, the victory means tease will remain the same at least for this year. they're facing $375 million in cuts if the measure had not passed. >> because it pass wed now have great hopes for reliable funding for the future. >> stability, for now. with regard to the california state university students, those receiving financial aid will not get reimbursement. the money returns to the federal government. >> thank you very much. >> there is a change coming in our weather pattern. spencer next with that. >> that is sure we're looking at live doppler 7, clouds arrived and cooler air is mere, hours on -- showers on the way. i'll give you a look in just a moment. >> thank you. also tonight politics and social media. how twitter has altered
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political landscape what. is on their conversation twindex. >> a santa rosa woman esñjpztz checks but can't cash them after the bank loses records. we'll sort it out coming up on 7 on your side. >> and the i
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well, money morning
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quarterbacking is in full swing. a fascinating part of therny analysis is a close inspection of the rolls -- roles social media played. s here and it's sure let's talk about the gap between the two candidates our partners at web show what is trending say that shows last night. this is interesting. 43 more mentions of the word obama during six hours around the victory then the word romney. >> there is a twin dx showing tweets about health care spiked sharply during debates, tweets about gay rights skyrocketed and people started tweeting positive things about both candidates in response to
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respective get out of the vote messages.. >> the twitter index was meaningful. it began to show the conversations on twitter are shaping the dialogue of the race. it's like a nationwide caucus happening. >> it breaks down voter sentiments by state. and if there is one thing sure it's this. role of social media in politics only continues to grow. >> yes. certainly. >> the nurest member of the bay area congressional delegation offered no apology for unseating a veteran incumbent. eric swalwell beat pete stark, representative. eric swalwell intern forward
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don gres woman ellen tousher. he does not apologize for being the rookie congressman. he admit tok overwhelmed as he won last night. >> just upgrade to give them that hard-earned victory.;t because they believe to me early. crazy and out of our minds therk believed in me. >> the new open primary allowed voters to vote across party lines. that is why they ended up choosing between swalwell and fellow democrat, pete stark. the 20 term incumbent first elected in 1972, refusing to debate swalwell in this race and got testy when abc 7 news mark matthews asked him bit this summer. >> m. >> pete, why won't you debate him? >> it's stupid questions you're asking that don't have to do with issues.. >> swal waels campaign posted
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a mock debate, swalwell credits a broad swath of voters with giving him the win. >> i think it's democrats, republicans and independents. across the board, i think we're able to appeal and put performance above politics and through a sharp contrast through our campaign and the incumbent. >> stark saying i went to washington by running against an unpopular war and for women's rights, and dig nitty foreseeners i leave knowing landscapes have changed. i am happy to be of assistance in the future. >> have you heard from stark today? >> we have not heard from him. he know how's to get a hold of us and wish him well. >> stallwell heads to washington for orientation, sworn in january 3. >> and more election measure a
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in santa clara taxes will raise tax there, sales tax in san dayo will go up half a percent. marin county voters passed a nine year quarter cent sales tax increase targeting parks and open space. albany and half moon bay approved increases as well. >> substantially colder out there. >> interesting, measure r, for rain. here is a live view from our east bay camera. looking at partly to mostly cloudy skies. in the bay area now we'll see an increase in clouds in areas overnight. we can see low and high clouds north. moisture off shore. precipitation being reported in immediate bay area now.
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it's moving in our direction.÷:w from the northwest. right now looking at temperatures in the upper 50s. mostly cloudy skies overnight, showers arriving tomorrow, we'll continue throughout tomorrow evening and friday. and we'll have cold nights ahead this weekend. overnight tonight look for moisture in the atmosphere, low temperatures mid 40s and upper 40s to around 50s most of the remainder of the bay area. a big pool of cool air up in the gulf of alaska. as leading edge of that'bi approaches we'll see clouds around with probably no precipitation at that point. but later in the morning showers developing and moving south ward.
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by mid day, showers expanding down throughout the heart of the bay area. showers will trail that first impulse there into evening hours, overnight into friday morning. speaking of friday mrning by 7:00 or so, we'll see a wider area of showers pushing through. we'll get a break in the activity. late friday afternoon one more little wave light showers. by friday, ought about 5:00 p.m. looking at rainfall up to a quarter inch in the north bay. maybe up to seven tenths of an inch. we can see up to 10 inches of snow near crest. blowing snow near passes is a possibility. back to the bay area,ó?! under showery conditions, sort of
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dreary, cool tomorrow. that is about top. similar readings near monterey bay. here is the accu-weather forecast. it's going to be cool throughout the weekend as a matter of fact high temperatures only up to 60 into mildest locations. we can have frosty conditions sunday morning and monday morning because of temperatures dropping down to our freezing or below freezing during overnight hours. >> this is a big change. >> we need to dell tel but delays on cal train shut down because of an accident in redwood city involving a train and car. >> as we continue, unusual develop nmt a lawsuit againstúkx her old school. >> they did
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moraga school district is defending itself against a lawsuit. the swim coach is suing the district for covering up claims of sex abuse years ago but two teachers. in the response the district
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said her carelessness and negligence may have played a role in what happened. she told abc 7 news she's outraged by the defense. today the district apologized directed it's turn attorneys to withdraw that line of defense into is powerful stuff. slaughter of whales by japanese fisherman is an ongoing issue. the i team has been investigating it for some time. our dan noyes has a preview. >> a california woman is in the middle of the whale and dolphin slaughter in japan. fishermen used boats to push them to shore, they're slaughtered for food, or the japanese government refuses to stop the hunts despite pressure including protests in san francisco. >> we would not appreciate if
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you pay more respect to what we eat and use our resources.. >> you'll hear the japanese kons slit defend the practices q >> still coming up here on abc 7 news, a big selloff raises new questions about the health of the u.s. economy. >> and the g.o.p. offers an olive branch. the president hoping to
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>> the second honeymoon is over for president ob yaum yachl the fish credit rating agency warned of a down grade today. the worst one day loss in almost a year, so what do the next four years hold in store for the economy? >> by somest meats, 6s billion
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was spent on the presidential campaign. now will there be a shot in the arm for the economy?yp" >> the economy is just limping along. there are same leaders at the white house]y:eu, where s the change? >> the big selloff seemed to send a message. ash wagner owns a small business in campbell. >> i know several friends started selling stock this morning. >> what did that tell you?. >> that people are not excited about the future of our economy. >> wagner's company has 14 employees. he hopes to expand next year. he doesn't want to bring new later. means less money left tom"c build more jobs. >> the ceo of a software company is hoping the divide in congress can be bridged. >> this is an opportunity to
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bring that bipartisan nature in front of us here to deliver on promises he's been talking about. >> bernstein's company maeks software helping companies trim spending on goods and services. most plants are major american firms it's expanding in europe. signaled new certain eve ever -- concerns about a widening expansion.lkiew$h >> theñslç demand for getting as around spending that happens and using modern technologies to do so. coop is delivering just that. >> some analysts are suggesting this could be tap dancing in washington dial yeahing decisions on taxes and extending tax cuts in order to avoid slipping back into recession. that could only increase investor jitters. >> president obama back in
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washington tonight arriving this afternoon in joint base andrews this afternoon. the president spoke with top leaders in congress. the lawmakers express their billing -- willingness to work with each other. >> i'm not suggesting we compromise on principles but suggesting we commit ourselves to creating an atmosphere where we can see common ground and seize it. >> it's better to dance then to fight and work together. everything zrnt to be a fight. that is the way it's been. >> the two different on the work feeded to be done. read wants congress to get the work done, immediate lie tens of thousands of workers will be getting a pay raise thanks
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to voters approving measure d. it passed overwhelmingly raising minimum wage to $10 an hour from $8. workers have san jose state students to thank. >> san swros yeah becoming the second i in the state to set its own minimum wage. this is where it started n january a group of sociology students laumpbled the idea of increasing the city minimum wage from 8ss today $10 an hour. >> it wasn't easy. we work and play by rules and should get fair wage we deserve. that is what people in the community need. that is what we did. >> the silicon valley chamber of commerce fought to defeat measure d claiming it would result in thousands of job losses. 4th street pizza company has two dozen employees.
6:34 pm
owners say they will have to increase adjustments.. >> we'll have to consider price increases but they'll be small. >> san jose mayor says voter approved initiative will have consequences on the city's tight budget. >> the city is required to set up an auditing function to make sure people follow the law. >> many voters tell us they agree with students, raising minimum wage in a high cost of living area is the right thing to do. 40,000 minimum wage employees will be benefiting. the professor supporting this effort says the successful campaign yain is getting state and nationwide attention. >> it's about san jess yeah and a larger question about economic inequality in the bay area and beyond. this affects all of america. >> the hike goes into affect
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nine days after results become official so probably in march. >> at and t promises a major upgrade saying it plans to spend billions moreover the next three years. they're trying to catch up and perhaps expand into automobile connections and home security. u.s. international trade commission declared china responsible for bringing the u.s. panel industry into the brink of collapse. this decision will trigger tariffs on chinese made panel. apple stock fell another $22 today, more than 20% off its high of $700 a share. and dc comics says it's going to pull comic book heroes for sale on line. they'll be available at the app for ask nook shop thenf"x se day as in comic bookstores..
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>> just ahead financial mistake from which it took a woman years to recover. >> michael finney looks into an e
6:37 pm
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a santa rosa widowóu]) significant amt of money from her husband. >> the decision of what to do with the money caused her
6:39 pm
problems.. >> that is until michael finney stepped in to help. >> the circumstances of the story aren't unique but reasons behind mistakes are unfortunately quitebozx common. >> you can call pee tea cup lady. >> joannea cared for her husband until he died after nearly 40 years of marriage. she had to make big money decisions she wasn't used to making he always took care of the main finances i knew a little bit like pennies but anything bigger, he did it. >> ?'ñi decided to buy five large cash year's checks. we couldn't disclose the amounts for last name. >> i anythinged -- figured they were safe. >> this financial advisor co-founder marin support services.. >> elders are very nervous about what to do with their
6:40 pm
money. >> unfortunately for joanne that is what happened to her money. five years after buying her cash year's check, the bank said it couldn't find records of them. the bank refused to cash them for her. m t)÷ them. and i said how can you not find them? >> they were purchased from downey savings and loan. u.s. bank bought downey in 2008. green says a safer place to put the money would have been in an interest bearing check org savings account or certificate of deposit or treasury bill. >> next notch up in rate of return and yield would be to buy corporate bonds investment grade which might have yields like two, or three percent. >> joanne called 7 on your side. >> i kaz furious and scared to
6:41 pm
death. >> the money represented her only outside outside of the social security checks so we connected us -- contacted u.s. bank. the bank received a list of items from downey when it purchased it quote if for some reason there is an item not on the list we'll research and work with the customer to make it right. u.s. bank was able to track down h%wveç money. >> i cannot thank channel 7 and people down the line. and everybody who helped to get this it's just a miracle. >> now we'll continue to work with joanne to ensure she gets financial help she needs to make the right financial decisions.. >> good for you. nice job. >> coming up next the military gears up to
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next attack on the united states may be an invisible one. consequences can be very real. abc 7 news explains military is gearing up now to defend the nation against an attack in cyber space.( p%x >> this attack in cyber space can cause a real world catastrophe. in the movies this would be a job for bruce willis. in the real world, america turning to someone more soft spoken. >> our country is exceptionally vulnerable to cyber attacks. >> this professor is acting on orders from the top. defense secretary says attacks
6:46 pm
on computer systems could be a modern day pearl harbor. >> if i took down our financial systems and government systems that that would cost stit yut an act of war. >> military is responsible for dealing with acts of war. >> she may not look like a drill sargeant she's tasked with teaching men and women how to do battle in cyber space. we don't want civilian vigilantes pushing button asks declaring war on some other country and building weapons.. >> so under direction from nsa, she and her colleagues in monterey created a new masters degree program for military officers.. >> a lot of classes are classified because there are secrets that need to be held so they don't fall into the hands of the enemis..
6:47 pm
>> one goal of the new program to teach officers to think about operations strategicly same way in the air or on the ground or at sea. one tool is a computer game sim you'll yaigt threats and defensive measures.. >> here is a military type office. >> this associate showed us a simulator÷;e that is now being made available to other schools, too. >> this has a valuable secret on it students will learn to defend against malwear and in cases to build it we have classes on reverse engineering so that if we have a piece of malware, we're able to dissect it, take it apart and find what it did to us. l is a class called advance cyber munitions. it's a classified class. >> it's something the u.s. is
6:48 pm
in with discovery of a pair of kpurter viruss.. >> this is written we believe by the u.s. and or israel to go and damage centerfujs being used in iran to produce nuclear material. >> this research resident says it may mark the first time a computer program has done damage to the country's infrastructure. >> every year, number of network devices grows w those comes new vulnerabilitis.. >> that the u.s. military will be better equipped to patch or exploit. >> breaking news we're following in redwood city. sky 7 live over the cal train accident that we told you about just minutesing ayes. trains stopped in both directions a southbound train
6:49 pm
hit a car, no word yet on why that is on the tracks. they're not telling us the condition at this point. we'll bring you more information tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00. >> hets go back and update the forecast. changes coming our way. >> changes in the northeast, too. a big storm moving up along the atlantic coast. there is a mix of rain and snow and strong gusty winds in spots. we'll see a mixed bag with areas of showers and snow. and showers here in the bay area tomorrow, will be a wet, dreary day. ti temperatures topping out at about 60s. here is the accu-weather forecast. this cooler pattern staying with us throughout the weekend.
6:50 pm
temperatures going to plummet to so look for frosty rn mornings sunday and monday. >> a new look for a good reason by andrew luck. >> and teammates.
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join me tonight at 9:00, we'll talk about skinny christmas trees. it's a new trend in time for holidays. >> also tonight's camp outin the east bay. at 11:00 a grand opening with a twist. join us for those stories and this eveni. >> are they cheaper? >> i guess. >> yeah. i foe we've got to trim the new skinny tree. it's more expensive, let's talk niners. they should be ready and rested after having 13 days off. they're 6 and two. their last game was a win over arizona which they're trying
6:54 pm
to build a team with running game and defense, rams trying to do much of the same thing. coach asked if the finers are now the blueprint that everybody else is trying to copy. not really. try to kick them in the shins when people are saying things like that. >> i feel like we're not predictable well. run inside and outside. so it's fun. >> raiders visit baltimore sunday going to be without their top two tail backs. they have dreaded high ankle sprain. opportunity is knocking for speedy taiwan jones. jones carrying just once this season. >> i've waited for the opportunity it and hasn't worked out. here it is.
6:55 pm
this is electrifying. just puts his foot in4yjby the ground and goes. he's fun to watch at practice. it's been a long time coming. >> it has not taken luck to leave his park on the pro football hall of fame. and luck had a record setting day sunday. a mark of 433 yards in the victory over miami so andrew number$ycx 12, do you know what, more apparel can be on the way. the colts by the way have got a new look. they've shaved their heads in support of their coach, recovering from leukemia doctors say it's in complete rehe mission there.
6:56 pm
we needed more efficiency on the offensive side. he did it when we needed it. it was huge. >> i have not seen him rattled yet. he's ready to go. is it's impressive to see in a young quarterback. >> mack mcgwire worked as
6:57 pm
cardinals batting coach threeu4r years. during which, he will work with stars matt kemp. this sports report brought to you by mercedes-benz. >> nes how to hit. >> thanks larry. >> that is this edition of abc 7 news. >> from the entire team thanks for joining us. >> thanks for watching. we hope to see you again at 9:00 and 11:00.
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this is the "jeopardy!" teachers tournament! here are today's contestants -- d herthis is the "jeopardy!" silver anniversary of teaching. from rock hill, south carolina, let's greet... ...this chemistry teacher has been making things fizz, smoke, and explode for 14 years. from charlottesville, virginia, th.. ...and he teaches at a school started by the dominicans of st. joseph in 1929. from chicago, illinois, let's greet...

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